Casting Design Assistance


  • material definition
  • castability analysis
  • casting design assistance
  • conversion of fabrications and forgings into castings
  • inspections definition and specifications write down
Psp Servizi

Suppliers Scouting

We have always regarded the scouting of new foundries as a vital process of our business – through years of unwavering implementation of this commitment, we are able to provide you with a pre-selected pool of proven Sand Castings Global Suppliers, or the opportunity to identify new ones overseas.

Production Technical Assistance

Available for both customers and suppliers. Our foundry engineers can solve any technical production problems at the Foundry shop level and at the Design/engineering level.


PSP Italia can execute all types of non-destructive tests with qualified personnel, whether on the customer’s behalf, our own, or a third party’s:
Visual, Dimensional, MG, DP, UT, x-Ray.

Order Placement

Thanks to our sourcing experience and technical know-how we can always find the ideal commercial match between the capabilities of our suppliers and the requirements of our customers.

Order Expediting

Our technicians are fully capable of following up the orders on your behalf, to identify and remove any outstanding problem, and to issue a periodical order report with the aid of specific software tools.

Supply chain closure

Our knowledge of the market enables us to close the supply chain of our customers. By leveraging high level partnerships all over the world, PSP Italia is able to assist in the management of your supply chain in the following areas: Casting, Machining, Assembly, Shipping.