There is more to crushing and shredding than just feeding rocks and scrap cars to a machine through a conveyor. Every company in the field, from the globalized conglomerate to the family-run enterprise, has learnt that high quality, efficient logistics and affordable pricing are all key factors in maintaining steady operations and increasing productivity of plants and men alike.

By the same token, the supply of wear parts does not amount to plain foundry operations only – what can really tip the scales is the ability to manage the entire procurement process in a smooth and efficient way. We offer an integrated service where quality, flexibility and pricing all play a paramount role. In other words, we don’t limit ourselves to cast wear parts; rather, we design, manufacture, ship and deliver them to the doorstep of your plant. Much to your relief, we take care of everything.


Psp Parti Usura

Range Crushing

Our products strike hard, while at the same time enduring wear, abrasion and corrosion to an unprecedented scale: that is why several leading companies in the crushing industries have chosen us as their main supplier, enabling us to amass a considerable experience in the field. Our product range includes everything that packs a punch or takes it:

  • hammers
  • jaws
  • plates
  • cones
  • liners

and other components are all part of the array of products at your disposal.

Range Recycling

Much the same amounts for our range of products dedicated to the recycling sector. In this, we have mainly specialized in wear parts for shredding and fragmentizing plants. Our signature product? Simple: hammers. But not only:

  • liners
  • open and close grates
  • roof covers
  • pin protectors
  • hammer pins
  • reject doors
  • anvils
  • feed rollers
  • rotor caps
  • rotors

We can produce everything needed to steadily and continuously run your shredder.

Quality and Materials

We offer a full range of wear resistant steels designed for state-of-the-art performance in terms of durability and reliability. Have any special needs? Our ever-expanding materials program can be easily supplemented with alloys tailored to your specific needs.

  • Material
  • Austenitic Manganese Steel
  • Austenitic Manganese Steel
  • Low Carbon Alloy Steel
  • Our designation
  • Mn13
  • MnCr13-2,
  • E28H,
  • Properties and usage
  • Best compromise between hardness and toughness, delivers proven reliability at the most convenient price point
  • The percentage of alloying elements Cr and Mo can be adjusted to fit higher thickness and weight, increasing wear resistance and hardenability. Its excellent durability makes it suitable for almost all uses in the field of crushing and shredding, from heavy duty crusher jaws to hammers and shredder components of all sorts.
  • High performance martensitic steels with outstanding service life. In hammers, beating and bore area can be differentially heat treated to maximize impact force and minimize shaft wear. Hardness on installation between 50 and 60 HRc

Our quality policy is driven by care and non-stop innovation. We offer full ISO9001:2008 compliance and a range of adopted standards including AISI, ASTM, DIN, EN, UNI.